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Here, at We Can Be Heroes Photography, apart from taking killer photos, a big part of what we do is sharing content in order to make planning your wedding a little bit easier. For those couples who dare to do things their own way, we’ve been focusing on how to plan a wedding that’s right for you and the response has been amazing.

So with this in mind, we thought we’d share your favourite blog posts of 2018, in one handy place, with the aim of inspiring you to plan an epic wedding day…

How to plan a ‘un-wedding’ – A definitive guide to hosting a non-traditional wedding



  • A marriage ceremony and awesome celebration that doesn’t follow traditional wedding rules, focusing rather on who the couple really are.

It’s all too easy to begin planning for a convention that’s new to you and for which you have no personal interest in. Wedding cake tiers, seating charts and first dance songs suddenly become your first port of call and endless nights are spent wondering why you’ll be spending the night before the wedding apart, before you realise that just because it’s expected, doesn’t mean you have to do it.

When it comes to planning your wedding, you don’t actually have to do anything you don’t want to. On this one day, you can choose to be a little ‘selfish’, if you want to.

Rather than deciding on ‘this or that?’ ask yourself if you really want it in the first place. Is that particular vision important to you for your wedding day?

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The DIY Bride Guide – Using Etsy


Oh Etsy! Let us count the ways we love you. If you’re looking for something unique, you can always rely on Etsy to come up trumps, so it isn’t surprising that more and more couples are heading to the online marketplace to source some unique finishing touches for their wedding day.

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How to plan an un-plugged wedding & not p*ss anyone off!


This year’s hottest wedding trend hasn’t been about dress styles or even colour combos… it’s a little more serious than that. With society glued to their mobile devices 24/7 comes a rise in the unplugged wedding.

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Best wedding bands Northern Ireland


One of the things I love the most about this country, is that for such a small place, it’s got heaps of musical talent. So this means that when it comes to choosing a live band for your wedding day, the options are endless! Swing, pop, blues, brass or rock… whatever your heart’s desire, there’s a wedding band guaranteed to get it racing!

While you’ve probably been to a number of weddings over the years, alcohol has a tendency to make us forget the finer details, such as the name of the band! So if you find yourself wondering which one is sure to get your guests on the dance floor (and keep them there for the duration of the night), we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve rounded up some of the wedding bands that Northern Ireland has to offer.

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Wedding planning in emojis


Whether you love or loathe them, there’s no denying that emojis have become a way of life, so much so that they can be used to perfectly sum up your wedding planning experience. From announcing your engagement, to the wedding day itself, find out what wedding planning in emojis looks like here.

Fashion for alternative brides: Interview with Lorraine McGonigle Dressmaking


With many alternative brides struggling to find a wedding dress which reflects their personal style, or simply those with a very specific style in mind, more and more brides are calling on the services of an expert wedding dressmaker. If you’re considering having your wedding dress altered or customised, this post is especially for you. Here, we drill dressmaker Lorraine McGoingle on this season’s trends and tips for having your wedding dress altered.

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Wedding cocktail station ideas to wow guests


Here at We Can Be Heroes Photography, we’re all about doing your own thing. And one trend which definitely allows couples to get creative is the cocktail station. Whether it’s an intimate gathering or super large wedding, treating guests to a cocktail station is an effortless way to keep them entertained between the ceremony and reception. Plus, it offers the perfect photo op.

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Alternative first dance songs


Let’s face it – not every couple wants to slow dance awkwardly to Ed Sheeran or Eta James for their first dance – unless of course, either of these artists means something to you. If you’re a couple who falls into the category of swaying from the norm or simply prefers something a little less mainstream, you may find yourself scratching your head as you try to search for the right song!

Thankfully, I’m here to help. With music playing a big part in my personal life, I’ve put together a mega mix of alternative first dance songs.

Check it out here.

Questions to ask your wedding venue


Questions, questions and more questions! When it comes to planning a wedding, you’ll find yourself asking a whole host of questions, which is key in making sure you get exactly what you want. And never has this been more true than when it comes to finding your wedding venue. Thankfully, your wedding venue will have heard it all, so there shouldn’t be anything they’re not more than willing or happy to answer.

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