Finding your perfect venue can seem like mission impossible, especially if you’re not sure where to start. The first step? Narrowing down the type of venue you envision for your day. Thankfully, we’ve put together a nifty quiz to help steer you in the right direction. Tally up your answers and check the results below.

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1. What’s your dream date night?

a. Cocktails at sunset
b. Dining in the hottest new restaurants
c. A moonlit dinner under the stars
d. A coffee date followed by a stroll in the park
e. A surprise city break

2. How would you describe your wardrobe?

a. Lots of cami tops and shorts – I’m always holiday ready
b. A wardrobe filled with the season’s hottest trends
c. Floaty, floral dresses
d. Comfy jeans, fitted tees and boots
e. A collection of clothing sourced worldwide

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3. How would you describe  your home’s decor?

a. Whitewashed interiors and nautical inspired pieces
b. A homage to the latest interior design trends
c. Lots of indoor plants and scented candles, offering the perfect place to meditate
d. Neutral, earthy colours
e. Mementos from your travels

4. What style of wedding dress do you envision wearing?

a. Something light and floaty and care-free
b. A modern silhouette, straight out of the pages of a bridal magazine
c. A dress with tons of drama – I want all eyes on me
d. A fun and flirty dress, with vintage vibes
e. Wedding dress? No thanks!

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5. How many guests do you plan on inviting?

a. A select few – close friends and family only
b. I plan on inviting everyone I know!
c. No more than 100
d. The more the merrier!
e. My nearest and dearest

5. How do you usually spend your weekend?

a. A walk at the local beach
b. Brunch with friends at the latest new spot in town
c. Enjoying a picnic in the local park
d. Walking the dogs or getting your hands dirty in the garden
e. Planning your next exotic holiday

6. Which of these is your ideal holiday destination?

a. Greek Islands
b. New York or Milan
c. India
d. Road tripping
e. Anywhere exotic or unusual

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The results:

Mostly As – Destination wedding

Dreaming of sun, sea and sangria for your wedding day? Consider jetting off to warmer climes for the perfect seaside wedding day.

Mostly Bs – A hotel or stately home

A trendy hotel or stately home will effortlessly met your modern style and vision for your wedding day.

Mostly Cs – An outdoor wedding / marquee

An outdoor or marquee style wedding will allow you to put your own unique creative stamp on your big day.

Mostly Ds – Rustic barn setting

A rustic barn will effortlessly allow you to showcase your penchant for vintage and ability to get creative.

Mostly Es – An out of town do

A weekend wedding out of town will allow you to grab your nearest and dearest and say your “I dos” in style.


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