In the second part of this month’s Wedding Vendors focus, we take a look at why booking our three services of photography, video and Roxbury Photo Booth will help ensure your wedding planning is a breeze!

Booking is a doddle

Come in for a coffee and a chat about what you envision for your wedding day photography, video and photo booth experience. We’ll pull together the perfect plan and you’ll leave feeling reassured that you know exactly what’s happening on the day. Plus, that’s three things you’ll be able to tick of that to do list, in one swoop!

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Save some money

One of the biggest advantages of booking all three elements is that you’ll make a super saving (which we definitely recommended adding to that honeymoon budget)! When you book photography and video together, you’ll receive £150 off or if you book all three options, you’ll receive an impressive £200 discount.

We’re the dream team

Because we work together everyday, we work well together. We know how each of the services work, what each person is responsible for and who needs to be where and when. What this means for you is that we’ll turn up, do our job well and there will be no stepping on each other’s toes. Plus, we actually like each other and we’re pretty good craic (we think).

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Our services complement each other

We’ve perfected our services of photography, video and photo booth not only individually but in harmony with each other. This ensures that the style of each of these elements complements each other, so that you are left with a chic representation of your wedding day.

Get to know us

From initial meeting, to your wedding day and post production, because we’re together, you’ll really get to know our entire team. Wedding planning can be a stressful time and you shouldn’t have to worry about vendors working well together. We turn up, do our job and keep the whole process as lighthearted and fun as possible.

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The perfect post-production process

We’ve also perfected our post-production process. Your photo booth photos will be available in our online gallery the day after your wedding so that you can relive the night straight away (and lol at your guests’ many, many drunken photos from our booth). Plus, your wedding photos and video will be together at the same time so you and your other half can have one helluva night going through all your photos and video together.

We love what we do

We’re pretty good at what we do! We’ve a passion for photography, video and stylish photo booths and how they combine to offer the perfect package. And we pride ourselves in delivering three fab services, under one reliable name.

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To check availability of our three key services, get in touch here.


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