Whether you love them or loathe them, there’s no denying that emojis have become a way of life, so much so that they can be used to perfectly sum up your wedding planning experience. From announcing your engagement to the wedding day itself, here’s what wedding planning in emojis looks like…

First up, is that all important proposal

Wedding planning in emojis

And then you get to spread the good news…

Wedding planning in emojis

Before the money talks and budgeting begin

Emoji 3

Budget in place, the search for your dream venue gets underway

Emoji 4

Next up is asking your bridal party if they’re up for the job

Wedding planning in emojis

Before you get onto the fun stuff like cake and menu tasting

Wedding planning in emojis

Booking We Can Be Heroes for your wedding photography

Emoji 17

And finalising things by getting those invites sent

Emoji 7

Before you can relax and enjoy those hen and stag dos

Emoji 8

The night before the wedding quickly rolls around

Emoji 9

And you wake up feeling excited

Wedding planning in emojis

The beauty preparations for the day get underway

Emoji 15

Before you arrive at your beautifully decorated venue

Wedding planning in emojis

After the wedding there’s those all important photos

Emoji 13

Before you know it you’re at the reception

Emojis 14

And all that’s left to do is to dance the night away…

Emojis 15

Before jetting off on that dream honeymoon

Wedding planning in emojis


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