Earlier this year I joined the Professional Photographers association of Northern Ireland (PPANI).

It is a group of some of the best photographers in this part of the world, kind of like the Avengers (or least i thats how it looks in my head šŸ˜‰) To be a member you have to prove your worth as a professional photographer ready to take on any thing the world can throw at you.

So the deal is, submit twenty images, ten from one wedding and ten from various weddings. They then get securitisedĀ by a panel of professional photographers to see if your work meets a professional standard. The pressure is on.

I was appointed a great mentor in the talented Aurdrey Kelly from C2 Photography. With her guidance I brought together a portfolio from my weddings over the past number of years.. Taking the time to examine my work this way and think about how each image worked with the next in a sequence really honed my photography skill

With first set of ten images, from one wedding, they had to show the story of the day. Not a easy task when you think of all that is going on duringĀ a wedding day. Audrey was excellent in giving advice on how to bring this together, she set restrictions on me. This set was to be all black & white and all Ā landscape. This limitationĀ helped me focus on the telling the story of the day and really scrutinising every shoot that was up for consideration.

I am pleased to say that I was awarded Licentiate which gives me the PPANI seal of approval. Professional photographers assemble!

We_Can_Be_Heroes_Photography_Wedding_Photographer_Derry_Ireland_PPANI__0011 We_Can_Be_Heroes_Photography_Wedding_Photographer_Derry_Ireland_PPANI__0012 We_Can_Be_Heroes_Photography_Wedding_Photographer_Derry_Ireland_PPANI__0013 We_Can_Be_Heroes_Photography_Wedding_Photographer_Derry_Ireland_PPANI__0014 We_Can_Be_Heroes_Photography_Wedding_Photographer_Derry_Ireland_PPANI__0015 We_Can_Be_Heroes_Photography_Wedding_Photographer_Derry_Ireland_PPANI__0016 We_Can_Be_Heroes_Photography_Wedding_Photographer_Derry_Ireland_PPANI__0017 We_Can_Be_Heroes_Photography_Wedding_Photographer_Derry_Ireland_PPANI__0018 We_Can_Be_Heroes_Photography_Wedding_Photographer_Derry_Ireland_PPANI__0019 We_Can_Be_Heroes_Photography_Wedding_Photographer_Derry_Ireland_PPANI__0020

And now the second set from various weddings

We_Can_Be_Heroes_Photography_Wedding_Photographer_Derry_Ireland_PPANI__0001 We_Can_Be_Heroes_Photography_Wedding_Photographer_Derry_Ireland_PPANI__0002 We_Can_Be_Heroes_Photography_Wedding_Photographer_Derry_Ireland_PPANI__0003 We_Can_Be_Heroes_Photography_Wedding_Photographer_Derry_Ireland_PPANI__0004 We_Can_Be_Heroes_Photography_Wedding_Photographer_Derry_Ireland_PPANI__0005 We_Can_Be_Heroes_Photography_Wedding_Photographer_Derry_Ireland_PPANI__0006 We_Can_Be_Heroes_Photography_Wedding_Photographer_Derry_Ireland_PPANI__0007 We_Can_Be_Heroes_Photography_Wedding_Photographer_Derry_Ireland_PPANI__0008 We_Can_Be_Heroes_Photography_Wedding_Photographer_Derry_Ireland_PPANI__0009 We_Can_Be_Heroes_Photography_Wedding_Photographer_Derry_Ireland_PPANI__0010

I would like to thank Audrey for her help and all the fantasticĀ couples I have worked with over the past few years šŸ™Œ


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