In part 3 of this month’s DIY Bride Guide, we’re sharing some pretty cool hacks! For many couples, the best part of wedding planning is putting their own unique stamp on the day, through those all-important finishing touches. Whether these serve as a key element in photos, or are just damn practical, here, we’ve rounded up some utterly brilliant DIY wedding hacks, perfect for any wedding.

1. Emergency kit

DIY wedding hacks

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While hopefully (*crosses fingers*) nothing goes wrong on your wedding day, being prepared for every eventuality is key. More and more brides are putting together a DIY emergency kit with everything they might need should a disaster strike. Common things like needle and thread, plasters, sticky tape, white chalk (to cover dress stains), hair clips and hair spray make the cut but you can fill yours with anything you think you might need. Or better still, task this to one of your leading ladies to sort for you.

2. DIY robes

We_Can _ Be_Heroes_Photography_Derry_Donegal_Wedding_0005

Another one that’s handy for the morning of the wedding, matching robes offer a great photo op. To do it yourself, purchase your chosen robes and some iron on patches. Something Turquoise has a great tutorial here.

3. Signage


You’d be surprised by how much signage can be incorporated into your wedding day. If you fancy taking this task on yourself, chalkboards are the easiest way to go, while still having maximum impact. You’ll just need to sharpen up on your calligraphy skills.

4. Entertainment for the kids

DIY wedding hacks

Image from Pinterest

Forgotten to purchase colouring books for the kids? No problem. There are hundreds of free templates online, which you can print out. Pick up some crayons, tie everything up with string and and you’ll forever be known as the best bride ever!

5. Place names

DIY wedding hacks

Image from Pinterest

We LOVE this idea. Mini bottles or vases, labels and some sprigs of flowers from your garden are all that’s needed to create place names with a real wow factor. Plus, they also double up as wedding favours, as guests can take their personalised blooms home.

6. Personalised hangers

We_Can _ Be_Heroes_Photography_Derry_star_wars_wedding_0002

As a photographer, I LOVE going to a house on the morning and seeing that the bride has purchased customisable hangers. While you can readily buy these online, you can make your own for less! Simply use matching wooden hangers and customise each one by either writing the names, or simply just ‘bridesmaid’ on each one. You can even add a little bow and the date if you’re feeling fancy. This serves as the perfect photo op.

7. Shoes tips and tricks

DIY wedding hacks

Image from Pinterest

Firstly, if you’re worried about slippery shoes on the dance floor (hello, Chandler Bing), rough them up a little with some sandpaper. Secondly, if you’re wearing stilettos and you’ll be standing on grass, stones or taking a trip to the beach for some photo ops, pop these genius heel attachments on to avoid sinking.

8. Programmes that double up as fans

DIY wedding hacks

Image from Etsy

If you’re lucky enough to be getting married abroad (or are even luckier to have a cracking day here), create wedding programmes which double up as fans. Guests can keep cool during the ceremony when hopefully you won’t lose yours.

9. Chair decor

DIY wedding hacks

Image from Pinterest

These are super easy to make and look impressive. We love the multicoloured finish but you can go with your own wedding colours. Remember if you’re having a big wedding you’ll definitely need a hand though!

Got any DIY wedding hacks of your own?


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