Your wedding album should be a true reflection of your day. You should love it and cherish it for decades to come. Your children and grandchildren should look at it in awe and be inspired to create something just as beautiful.

At We Can Be Heroes, we put so much into each and every wedding album. After all, this is an heirloom to be admired for the rest of your lives together. We love nothing more than handing couples their completed albums and seeing the smiles on their faces as they witness their wedding day come to life all over again.

This is why we have perfected our process for putting together killer wedding albums. From photo selection to positioning, we pay attention to even the smallest of details to ensure you are left with something you truly love.

When it comes to choosing your photos you should be mindful to include all the important details and key moments from the day. Albums work best if your images are chronological, which is how we design all of ours.

It’s important to choose images that you love, which will create a story and portray the atmosphere of the day. Think of it as a short film in print.

The first 55 images of your album are included in our collections. We recommend selecting between 80 to 120 images in order to tell the rich and beautiful story of your day.

So what exactly do we recommend for your wedding day album layout? Here, we’ve broken down the sections so that you can see the workings of an album.

Your wedding day album: What we would include…

Detail shots

8x8_sample_WCBH_2018_02 copy

Include any details that have a meaning or are important to you. Shoes, accessories, gifts and jewellery are the key contenders here.

Bridal prep

8x8_sample_WCBH_2018_05 copy 10X10_Sample_WCBH_2018_02 copy

This is the part of the day that your groom won’t see and as it’s such a special time as you get ready with your leading ladies, these shots fit perfectly into an album.

Bridal portraits

wedding album

Here, we introduce the “lead character”, aka the bride. This is the perfect opportunity to snap a few bridal portraits, showcasing your true beauty.

Groom prep

8x8_sample_WCBH_2018_04 copy

Again, the bride doesn’t witness this proportion of the day so it’s nice to include it. Shots of the groom and groomsmen getting ready are key.

Groom portraits

wedding album

The bride has her moment and so too should the groom! Sharp suits are always a winner.

Big moments from the ceremony

wedding album

From the first time you lay eyes on each other to sealing your nuptials with a kiss, those unforgettable moments from the ceremony definitely make the cut.

Family portraits

wedding album

As your wedding album is an heirloom, family photos are great. They were a big part of your day after all.

Wedding party

wedding album 10X10_Sample_WCBH_2018_17 copy

We like to keep things fun and fashionable. The entire bridal party together offers the perfect chance to try something a little bit different.

Bride & groom portraits

wedding album 10X10_Sample_WCBH_2018_21 copy

Those all important newlywed photos play a big part in your overall album. After the group and wedding party photos, I steal the happy couple away for some romantic shots. Your wedding day will be the time in your life when you look your best and happiest, so this is the perfect way to show that off. It’s good to have a nice mixture of images here, with wider shots, fun/natural shots and intimate and close shots to offer a variety of images. Think about how these images will group together on a spread – one type of emotion on a spread looks great, such as happiness or love.

Reception + guest shots

wedding album 10X10_Sample_WCBH_2018_26 copy

Capturing the reception and all those little details that shouldn’t be overlooked. The cake, decor, table plan and favours, as well as guests arriving make up this section. These photos should reflect the vibe of your party. Candid photos of guests work best here.


wedding album

One of the most anticipated moments of the reception, we add photos of everyone who delivered a speech, a photo of the bride and groom as they take it all in and shots depicting emotion.

Golden hour

First dance

If time is on your side, nighttime shots, or photos as the sun is setting are great. These often serve as the perfect closing shot in a wedding album.

First dance / dancing

wedding album 8x8_sample_WCBH_2018_30 copy

The time when everyone really lets loose, a range of images work well here. The first dance is the all-important shot, while guests on the dance floor will convey the atmosphere of the night.


Design Ethos

When creating an album, we focus on a design that is clean, natural, simple and fresh to ensure that it will be timeless.

We don’t tend to put tons of images on the one spread. We want to allow your images to breathe; be their own. We want people to see them, for them not to be overcrowded.

Our main focus in your album is telling the story of your wedding day, allowing it to unfold and come back to life on the pages.


Album finish

When it comes to the style of your album, nothing beats the fine art albums from Folio. They are handmade in Yorkshire with the finest papers and covers. The offer a range of stylish leathers, cotton and silk covers materials,. r with stylish embossing in either gold or silver. Popular colours for the cover are pewter or mint. Some weddings have a colour theme and sometimes it’s really nice to use that as your album cover colour. They have a great ethos for quilty and being environmentally conscious even offering vegan-friendly leathers.


Parent albums

The perfect gifts for parents, more and more couples are choosing to have a ‘smaller’ album made.

Our Folio is available as 6 x 6 inches, the cover can be the same or different and the photos and layout are the same as the client album.


wedding album


wedding album


Retouching is part of your album design process. All album images are retouched. We focus on smoothing the skin, whitening teeth (not that you need it) and removing anything distracting from the background (such as an exit sign).

There is an additional cost for any extra retouching, such as people being added in/taken out, as this has to be outsourced and we’ll always advise if it’s going to look natural.

Finally, here’s a look at an album from start to finish…


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