This year’s hottest wedding trend hasn’t been about dress styles or even colour combos… it’s a little more serious than that. With society glued to their mobile devices 24/7 comes a rise in the unplugged wedding. And I can’t say I’m surprised.

But the desire to have an unplugged wedding comes from a place of love, rather than hate. Couples are asking guests to step away from technology and really take in what’s happening around them. Plus, not forgetting the fact that a photographer’s shot of a bride walking down the aisle can easily become ruined thanks to the blinding flash of a hundred camera phones. And posting photos of the bride on social media only ruins the fun for guests coming along later in the day.


Love the idea of an unplugged wedding? Here’s how to nail it without p*ssing anyone off in the process!

Be clear from the beginning

So that it isn’t a shock on the day, set your intentions on having an unplugged wedding from the onset. Some couples impose a digital ban for just the ceremony, while others prefer no technology all day. So that guests know exactly what you mean, tell them! Whether it’s on your wedding website or invites, include a note informing guests that you’ll be going digital free for the day.

Include it on your literature

To give guests a gentle reminder on the day, there’s no harm in including sentence on your wedding programme or ceremony leaflet to let them know.

Unplugged wedding

Say it, and display it

There’s definitely a fun and friendly way to introduce your unplugged wedding and quirky signage meets this demand. Displaying a sign at your ceremony and reception will keep guests in the loop and they’ll be more than happy to oblige. These signs from Etsy should do the trick.

Sharing is caring

With not taking photos of their own, guests will be even more keen to see your wedding photos. Assuring everyone that they’ll receive a few photos of the day will definitely ease them into the idea. If you plan on having a digital ban, make sure your photographer is aware of this so that they can make a point of getting loads of photos of the guests.

Have someone on stand-by

An usher is the perfect person to gently remind guests entering the ceremony of your no photos policy. You’ll probably find that guests will enjoy the ceremony more, given there’s no pressure to snap the perfect pic.

unplugged wedding

Have a photo booth

If you plan on having a strict no photo policy all day, a photo booth is a great compromise. This allows guests to get some photos of the own. Plus, it’s the perfect way to get guests in the party mood at your reception. Check out Roxbury Booth here for a booth with a difference.

Let your officiant tell them

Definitely the most effective option, leave it to your officiant. Ask him or her to announce your digital bad ahead of the ceremony, reminding guests not to take photos until later in the day.

So whether you opt for a phone-free ceremony or impose a digital ban on the entire day, ensure guests are in the loop with these top tips on announcing your unplugged wedding.


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