It’s probably the single most important question you’ll ask in a lifetime. No doubt you’ve spent hours planning the perfect proposal down to the finest of details. You’ve chosen the ring and replayed the event in your head a thousand times. So much time, thought and love have gone into the event, but what if you could make it even more memorable with something so simple? Hiring a proposal photographer to capture every element of it will turn it into an event of epic proportions. Here’s why…

It’s over before you know it

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Ask anyone about their proposal and they’ll tell you it was over before they knew it. Even though you’ve probably played it out in your mind over and over, actually being in the scenario is a whole other story. In the whirlwind of excitement and getting down on one knee, the moment has passed and before you know it, you’re engaged! This, of course, is amazing but wouldn’t it be pretty phenomenal to have someone there secretly documenting every moment of it? Hiring a professional photographer means you’ll be getting just that – an expert who won’t miss even a heart beat.

A proposal of with a difference


Proposing to someone is actually a pretty big deal, and something which family and friends will want to know every single detail about. Whether you plan on having people there for the big reveal or not, there will of course be people who want to know everything. And wouldn’t it be amazing if rather than telling them, you could show them your proposal as it actually unfolded? Photography is the only way to really capture the mixture of emotions without being there to see it.

The start of something big

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Getting engaged is a big part of the puzzle of your lives together. No doubt you’ll consider having a professional engagement shoot, and of course you’ll have a wedding photographer, but your proposal is how the whole sequence of events unfolded. Having your engagement photographed ensures that every part of the puzzle is complete. It’s no less significant than being engaged or getting married. It’s the first big step in your future together and it deserves to be preserved forever.

A selfie just won’t cut it


There will be plenty of opportunities for selfies together, but your engagement deserves a professional eye. Tell your story on social media, which will serve as perfect #inspo for other couples. Or, have your prints created into a storybook album to mark the occasion.

Get some practice in

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While your phones are filled with photos of the two of you together, you’ve probably never been photographed professionally. As well as capturing your proposal as it unfolds, your photographer can photograph the two of you together afterwards. This will give you the perfect op to get some practice in ahead of those engagement and (the grand finale) wedding photos.

So for a proposal of epic proportions, hiring a proposal photographer will definitely take things to the next level.


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