We’re back with another epic themed collection of posts! Over the next 4 weeks, we’ll be giving you some food for thought as we delve deep into everyone’s favourite part of the wedding – the food!

And we’re kicking things off in style! Part one is dedicated to cakes. If you’re not a fan of the traditional, three-tiered iced-fruit cake, panic not! Check out our round-up of 9 killer alternatives to the classic wedding cake!

The naked cake


The naked cake has shot to fame in recent years, favoured by couples who are aiming for rustic vibes for their big day. If the thought of all that traditional icing just doesn’t do it for you, opt for a cream-filled cake, indulgently decorated with fruit for a touch of the unexpected.

Donut wall

wedding cake

Image from Unsplash

Straight out of our dreams, the donut wall is one of 2018’s hottest wedding trends, and we can’t say we’re surprised. As well as offering guests something totally unexpected, it has the ability to instantly create a wow moment at your reception. We’ll have one of each flavour please!

Cheese cake

wedding cake

Image from Unsplash

Don’t have a sweet tooth? Opt for a cake made entirely out of cheese, instead. This one sways far from tradition and is perfect for savoury savages, whose perfect end to a meal is a big dollop of cheese. Plus, it can even be decorated so it’ll definitely impress your guests.


Wedding cake

Image from Unsplash

Marvellous maroons are having a bit of a moment, and definitely will be welcomed at your wedding. We love the thought of layering them to create height and the illusion of a cake. These sugary coloured meringue goodies can be made in a variety of flavours to treat guests to a real taste explosion.

Themed cake

wedding cake*cake by Yummy Munny Cakes

We love a couple who prefers to sway far from tradition and Heather and Simon definitely did just that, choosing a spectacular replica of the castle from Lord of the Rings. Oh my! If you have a theme in mind for your wedding day, why not truly bring it to life in the form of your wedding cake?

Just desserts

wedding cake

Image from Unsplash

Quite simply, if you don’t want a cake, don’t have one! An array of desserts can be every bit as delicious and as long as guests are getting their sweet tooth satisfied, they won’t care. Dessert tables are becoming more popular and allow guests to help themselves to a variety of sweet treats, for the perfect end to their meal.

Sweet treats

wedding cake

Image from Unsplash

Candy carts are still making an appearance at weddings and perfect if you’re a DIY couple who fancy getting hands on and creating it yourself. If your wedding offers vintage vibes, retro sweets could complement it perfectly. Allow guests to fill paper bags with a range of sweets for a nostalgic touch.


wedding cake

Almost as popular as the traditional wedding cake, cupcakes are all about both form and function. With these little beauties, there’s no need to worry about cutting and serving the cake, as guests can have their own individual cupcake. No mess, no fuss.


wedding cake

Image from Pinterest

The Great British Bake Off definitely deserves accreditation for the rise in popularity of the croquembouche. A tower of profiteroles is loving stacked and decorated in anyway you wish to create a real focal point in the reception room.

If the classic wedding cake just doesn’t cut it for you, turn to these tasty alternatives for the perfect surprise.


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