Whether you don’t fancy embarking on the bridal boutique route, are dreaming of a truly one-of-a-kind dress or have a very specific style in mind, a custom creation for your wedding day can be an amazing experience. If you’re considering this option, ensure you’re fully prepared. Here’s the lowdown on having your wedding dress made.

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Determine your budget

Unless you’ve had a dress made before, you probably won’t know much about its cost. Many brides think that having a dress custom made will be cheaper than buying from a bridal boutique. While sometimes this is true, this depends on a number of factors such as the designer’s experience, fabrics used and silhouette of your dress.

For example, you may be dreaming of a full ballgown skirt made from expensive tulle but your budget doesn’t permit enough fabric to really fill it out for the impact you want. This means, you may need to alter the shape of your skirt, or go with a cheaper tulle. However, some designers won’t do this, as they pride themselves in only working with premium bridal fabrics in order to produce high quality gowns for which they have become renowned.

What all this means is that it’s important to be clear from the very beginning about what you want and what you can afford so ensure you work with your designer to create a dress which matches your vision and budget.

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Keep an open mind

While you might have a very specific style of dress in mind, be open for this to change. It’s definitely a great idea to go along to your initial consultation with images of what you like. Keep an open mind when it comes to things like fabrics, patterns and silhouettes. You may end up with something even better than you originally thought.

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Be prepared for plenty of fittings

The amazing thing about getting a dress made, is that it’s made for you. It should fit your body like a glove and that takes plenty of fittings. How many you’ll need to attend depends on the silhouette of your dress, fabrics and they way your designer operates. Some designers like to create a ‘toile’ or test version first, using a cheap fabric before building on the base of your real dress. The first couple of fittings will be about getting the shape right, before tackling things like fit and embellishments.

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Don’t be swayed by others’ opinions

Having a dress custom made most likely means that you have a very specific style in mind. Some brides definitely feel the pressure of creating their dream dress and ensuring it means their exact vision. Plus, throw in some opinionated family members and suggestions from your designer and it suddenly becomes overwhelming.

The key thing to remember is not to question yourself or lose sight of your end goal. Go back to your original ideas and draw inspiration from these. Will others may offer suggestions, ultimately it’s your dress and your wedding so the final decision comes down to you.

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Your may become critical

If you choose a dress from a boutique you probably won’t focus on every little detail, but having a wedding dress made is a whole other story. Be prepared to become obsessed with finer details such as the placement of buttons or beading. Try not to get too hung up on it and look at your dress from another perspective. What would you think if it was someone else’s dress? Take a deep breath and focus on the overall gown, rather than minor details.

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Put your trust in your dressmaker

Remember, you’ve hired this person for a reason so trust in their process. While it can be hard to give someone else total control of your wedding dress, work with them, not against them, to achieve your dream dress. Plus, they’ll most likely create something spectacular which exceeds your expectations.


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