A class couple, a Donegal waterfall, autumn colours and puppier!

All these things are great individually but together it creates something amazing 👌I loved Clare and Niall’s pre-wedding shot at Glenevin Waterfall. Can’t wait for their wedding at the end of May at The Villa Rose Hotel, it’s going to be epic ⚡️

We_Can _ Be_Heroes_Irish_wedding_photographer_0294 We_Can _ Be_Heroes_Irish_wedding_photographer_0295We_Can _ Be_Heroes_Irish_wedding_photographer_0298 We_Can _ Be_Heroes_Irish_wedding_photographer_0296 We_Can _ Be_Heroes_Irish_wedding_photographer_0297 We_Can _ Be_Heroes_Irish_wedding_photographer_0299 We_Can _ Be_Heroes_Irish_wedding_photographer_0300 We_Can _ Be_Heroes_Irish_wedding_photographer_0301 We_Can _ Be_Heroes_Irish_wedding_photographer_0302 We_Can _ Be_Heroes_Irish_wedding_photographer_0303 We_Can _ Be_Heroes_Irish_wedding_photographer_0304 We_Can _ Be_Heroes_Irish_wedding_photographer_0305 We_Can _ Be_Heroes_Irish_wedding_photographer_0306 We_Can _ Be_Heroes_Irish_wedding_photographer_0307 We_Can _ Be_Heroes_Irish_wedding_photographer_0308 We_Can _ Be_Heroes_Irish_wedding_photographer_0309 We_Can _ Be_Heroes_Irish_wedding_photographer_0310 We_Can _ Be_Heroes_Irish_wedding_photographer_0311 We_Can _ Be_Heroes_Irish_wedding_photographer_0312 We_Can _ Be_Heroes_Irish_wedding_photographer_0313 We_Can _ Be_Heroes_Irish_wedding_photographer_0314 We_Can _ Be_Heroes_Irish_wedding_photographer_0315


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