Aoife and Sean’s wedding took place on 30th December 2017 at Beech Hill Country House Hotel and was a truly epic way to see the year out.

Definitely an unforgettable day, Aoife and Sean’s wedding was packed full of some truly unique touches from start to finish.

I first met Aoife when I was photographing Kate and Alex’s wedding, for which she was doing the make up. We hit it off and I was delighted that she approached me to photograph her own wedding.

On the morning, I arrived while Aoife was doing her own make-up. Nerves were calm, and her hands steady. I set to work, capturing the finishing touches and it was obvious from the start that a great deal of thought had gone into the day.

Aoife’s family speak Irish as their first language, which was a big theme throughout the day. The morning began with her dad and brother – who are superb tin whistle players – spontaneously playing in the kitchen. This definitely offered perfect backdrop music, while the preparations were underway. Aoife’s dad, Fergal, also serenaded the congregation at the service with a tin whistle solo.

Very much a wedding centered around family, it was lovely to see Aoife and Sean’s two daughters, Fiadh and Neasa taking on the role of flower girls with ease.

Aoife’s creative flair also extended to her dress. With a vision in mind, the original style of her dress was heavily customised to suit the look she wanted to achieve. She also changed up her hair and make-up for the evening.

Congratulations Aoife and Sean. Thanks for inviting me to be a part of your epic wedding day.

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The Players – Some of the amazing vendors that helped to make this an epic day.


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