every adventure needs

a hero

As a child, my dad gave me a mixtape of The Beatles and I was hooked, not only by the emotion that music elicits but by the rich storytelling the lyrics conveyed.

I found a love for the power of photography as a storytelling medium when shooting gigs, music festivals and behind the curtain of the music industry.

I was empowered by the moments I captured, which enabled me to tell creative and epic stories.

For me, authenticity and craftsmanship are really important. I love the experience of listening to records, vintage jackets I’ve found and shooting a roll of film. This realness is what I aim to capture. Nothing contrived, just real love.

Creativity is at the heart and soul of the stories I tell.

Every wedding is different, every couple dances to their own beat. On the day I am unobtrusive and aim to capture events as they unfold. You are the heroes of your story and I am there to capture everything in an epic way.

This is the start of your story, your adventure, and it is heroic!

My name is Tom, I’m a wedding photographer based in Ireland and available for weddings worldwide.

I’d love to tell your story.

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