In the third part of our wedding suppliers focus, this month we caught up with three very talented local vendors; Vicky from Revolver, Aoife from AMG Make-Up and Aoife from Sass & Halo. Here, they share some fab words of wisdom to help you find the perfect team of vendors for your wedding day.

Vicky, Revolver

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Vicky, tell us how Revolver came about

I was self employed for 10 years, renting chairs in salons. Last year, the time just felt right to go out on my own and so Revolver was born. Aoife from AMG also came on board so we could offer the services of hair and beauty under one roof.

When do you suggest brides-to-be book their hairdresser?

I recommend booking your hairdresser a year in advance. If you are booking someone you don’t already know, this period affords you the time to get to know each other. The hairdresser and make-up artist will be the first two people you see on your wedding day so you should be comfortable with them. Booking early means that you can also come into the salon and try a couple of styles to ensure you find your perfect one.

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How do you work with a bride to ensure her wedding hair reflects her vision?

I always recommend a bride does her research, collecting photos of any hairstyles she likes. I’ll also ask her what the neckline of her dress is like so that we can ensure her hairstyle complements it, rather than competes with it. It’s important to be realistic. If your hair is fine and you want something with loads of volume and extensions, consider whether this will be achievable.

How do you work with other wedding vendors to ensure a smooth process?

On the morning of the wedding, organisation is key. Having the times pre-planned and ensuring everyone is there on time is crucial. With the make-up artist, it’s important to work as a team. We are both there to do a good job and so communication is vital.

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What advice would you offer a bride who is looking for her wedding day hairdresser?

Check out examples of work and in particular, if they have a style that they usually adhere to. For example, my style is very much soft, vintage inspired. If a bride came to me looking for more of a set look, I would recommend she choose someone whose style veers more towards this. I’d also say to check out reviews. Finally, my advice is to stick with someone you already know. Many of my weddings clients have been coming to me for years so that relationship has already been established.

Aoife, AMG Make-Up

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Aoife, how did AMG Make-Up come about?

AMG started accidentally to be honest. I am a trained primary school teacher and whilst pregnant with my second daughter I decided to finally do a make-up artistry course. I have always been a massive make-up lover and addict, and loved going to courses and watching videos on YouTube. Make-up is my passion. Then, when I was on maternity leave I decided to take on a few clients and that was the start of AMG.

When do you recommend brides book their make-up artist for their big day?

I recommend brides to get in touch as soon they can. My book opens a year in advance. Nowadays hair and makeup are as important to brides as booking their venue.

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How do you work with a bride to ensure you achieve the perfect look?

Most brides generally come in before their wedding for a trial. This is a good thing to do as it allows me time to figure out her visions for her wedding morning. It’s important for me to know what level of make-up a person likes, the theme of the wedding, colour schemes and style of dress. From there we can work together to decide on the most effective make-up look for her wedding.

How do you work with other vendors on the morning of the wedding?

It’s extremely important to work well as a team on a wedding morning. Brides can be very nervous and it’s our duty to help them feel content and calm rather than more uptight. Therefore it’s extremely important to be on time and have a system in place. Each vendor is there to carry out a job and by working together everyone will benefit.

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What three tips would you offer a bride who is on the search for wedding vendors?

As a newlywed myself I think one of the most important things is that you get on with a vendor. They are very much part of your wedding day so you need to enjoy their company rather than dread it. Look at examples of their work too as this will help with your decision. You can also read various reviews on Facebook which may also be beneficial. Finally, word of mouth is a powerful tool. Talk to other brides and ask questions about the vendors they have used. Personal recommendation is hard to beat.

Aoife, Sass & Halo

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Aoife, tell us a bit about Sass & Halo

I lived in London while studying fashion management at university. After graduating, I worked there for a while, but it just wasn’t for me. I longed to love my job but I just didn’t so I knew I had to go down a different route. A few years ago I was helping arrange my now sister-in-law’s hen party. Me and my mammy decided to make flower crowns for everyone as a keepsake and they went down an absolute storm. I realised there was a huge gap in the market for something like this. And so I learned the skill by taking millinery courses etc before establishing Sass & Halo a year ago. The crowns are particularly popular with brides and festival goers who are looking for something authentic and unique.

When do you recommend brides-to-be get in touch to book your services?

I’m usually the last point of call for a bride and this is actually the best way to do it. A bride should have her dress ordered first and all the other elements sorted so that I can create a crown which works perfectly with the vision they have in mind for their wedding day.

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How do you work with a bride to ensure her vision is brought to life?

I look at the style of the wedding day to help determine the look of the crown. All my creations are bespoke. This means, that even if a bride brings me a photo of something she likes, I will always put the unique Sass & Halo stamp on it.

How do you work with other wedding vendors to ensure a smooth process

For me, I don’t really have much contact with other vendors but I do like to create crowns which are easy for hairdressers to simply pop on. And of course, when the bride calls to collect her crown, I ensure she knows how to attach it so she is comfortable on the day.

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Finally, what 3 tips would you offer a bride-to-be who doesn’t have any idea about which wedding vendors to book?

I think for something like accessories, research is key. I’d also suggest checking out reviews for companies. Finally, a lot of brides will get in touch early with me. I tell them not to rush in. Wait until everything else is sorted and then come back to me. The key is to try and not rush and make quick decisions.

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